I spotted this on Twitter from user Zach Lieberman and thought it was well worth keeping a copy of here, as it speaks so well to the type of thinking I made this blog to explore. The slide is part of a presentation by privacy educator, technologist and writer Janus Rose.

The text of the slide reads:


  • Human bodies & emotions are increasingly machine readable
  • Machine-readability allows emotional manipulation & automated enforcement of pre-existing oppressive structures
  • STOP asking “how can this be made ethically?” - start asking “Why should this exist at all?”
  • The legacy code of all technology is the society that created it: white supremacist, imperialist, cis-hetero patriarchal societies will produce tech embedded with those values
  • Machine learning is intersectional or it’s bullshit

This post is specifically my own thoughts & not representative of my employers past or present.

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