What does Aram do?

Aram Zucker-Scharff is the Director for Ad Engineering for The Washington Post’s Research, Experimentation and Development group. He is also the lead developer for the open-source tool PressForward and a consultant on content strategy and newsroom workflows. He was one of Folio Magazine’s 15 under 30 in the magazine media industry.

Where is Aram?

Mostly New York City, but you can also find him online at these places:




Technology Solutions for Media Problems

Aram Zucker-Scharff is: out to find a better narrative for the world. He has built himself an understanding of new media, marketing and advertising from the ground up. By starting in the midst of the radical alteration of how we consume media, it has become clear that new media requires new methods of understanding.


Aram has previously worked as Salon.com’s full stack developer. His work has been covered multiple times in journalism.co.uk and he has appeared in The Atlantic, Digiday, Poynter, and Columbia Journalism Review. He has also worked as a journalist, a community manager and a journalism educator.

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